Set Your Trading To Autopilot
With Automated Trade Signals

Beat 99% of retail traders with Crypto Pilot’s super smart trading solutions that utilise the power of AI & automation.

Earn Passively With Compounded Returns

Professional Risk & Money Management

Fully integrated with Telegram & Discord

Super Easy Setup & Beginner Friendly

Automated trading

Set your trading to auto pilot with our smart trading solutions. Connect your own trading account(s) easily and securely to our trading bots and allow the power of AI trading take place! 

You will always stay in full control of your funds, the trades you enter & your risk whilst easily being able to manage & review all through our custom made Telegram / Discords smart channels.

Why choose Crypto Pilot?

Profitable & Proficient Trading Solutions

Smart trading solutions that have been rigorously tested for sustainable trading profits!

Never Miss A Signal!

Go spend time with your friends & family, work or play whilst Crypto Pilot watches the charts for you!

100% Secure & Transparent

Hold funds in your own secure Trading account, and trade through API. No need to share any credentials or send any funds!

HODL whilst you trade

Take advantage of price volatility whilst still being a long term Hodler of your favourite cryptocurrencies

Professional Risk Management

Our bot understands how to allocate & deploy funds based on individual users balances & risk preferences.

Stay 100% In Control

Your trading account, your rues. You can override any trade and control your margin risk allocation to the level you are comfortable with

Why choose Crypto Pilot?

The power of trading with AI

Where professional traders & data experts meet machine learning!

Our team of trading experts, data analysts & software developers have worked extensively utilising the power of AI to form our exclusive trading solutions. Our software has been tried & tested in many different situations across thousands of assets to consistently show that we can beat 99% of traders.

Some of the main reasons why most traders fail / lose money is due to a lack of skill & discipline, i.e. poor risk management. AI takes the human error & emotion out of trading whilst understanding the charts.


100% money back guarantee!


What Did Our Students Say About Us?

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Save upto 33% on annual plans!

BTC & ETH Auto Trade Signals
Up to $5,000 trading balance
Onboarding Support
Dedicated Customer Support
Altcoin Auto Signals (10+ coins)
Private Discord community
Upto $50,000 trading balance
Unlimited Trading Balance
Personalised Monthly Report
Dedicated Account Manager
Option to pay in Crypto
Superlative Arbitrage Bot
Lounge Access
Cockpit Access
Quarterly consultation
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Latest Blog & Articles

Private Discord community
All members get Discord access, however, only Pilots & Captains get the ability to communicate in them.

Superlative Arbitrage Bot
“Arbitrage is trading that exploits the tiny differences in price between identical assets in two or more markets. We have designed a bot that allows the opportunity for risk-free trading profits each and every time! Plus we will provide a free demo on how to use it! P.s. it is pretty darn easy!”

Lounge Access
“Our captain’s lounge is a private group to share & receive value with fellow captains! Crypto Pilot also shares further insights here on our bot, crypto markets, financial markets, commodities, the currency markets, macroeconomic & geo-political factors + much more!

Cockpit Access
“Have a direct line of communication with the Crypto Pilot team

Option to pay in Crypto
“Option to pay in a cryptocurrency of your choice.