Pilot Bot

Our original and flagship product. Pilot bot is designed to steadily grow your portfolio by leveraging advanced algorithms, AI & automation. The bot constantly monitors the market and identifies profitable trading opportunities based on a set of predetermined parameters, such as price trends, technical indicators, and market volatility. It then automatically executes trades on your behalf (entirely on autopilot!) by buying and selling at optimal times to maximize your profits and minimize your losses.

The bot also employs sophisticated risk management strategies, such as stop-loss orders and position sizing, to help protect your capital and ensure long-term growth. Additionally, the bot is customizable, allowing you to adjust the trading parameters and risk settings to suit your personal preferences and risk tolerance.

With our crypto trading bot, you can sit back and watch as your portfolio steadily grows over time, without the need for constant monitoring or active trading. Whether you’ve traded before or you’re a complete beginner, Pilot bot offers a simple and effective way to generate consistent returns from the dynamic and rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency trading.

Ladder Bot

Our Ladder Bot is designed to buy/sell in intervals reducing the risk of trading losses and maximizing trading profits. The bot uses a well-tested entry condition strategy with the addition of an AI engine to if & when to enter.

The idea behind dollar-cost averaging is that it reduces the risk of investing a large amount of money at a single point in time, as the price of cryptocurrencies can be volatile and unpredictable. By spreading the investment out, our bot takes advantage of market dips / pumps to reduce the impact of price fluctuations.

Top Trader bot

Introducing our state-of-the-art copy trading software that allows users to automatically follow (copy) the trades of the world’s best traders! All from our smart Telegram bot, users can control the trader(s) they wish to follow whilst configuring their own risk. Using Top Trader Bot as opposed to a copy trading platform means you can avoid paying a profit % fee (usually around 10-15% per trade!), do everything easily through Telegram as well as follow top traders that are otherwise likely full on copy trading platforms!

Arbitrage Bot

Our arbitrage trading bot is a powerful tool designed to help users make a profit by identifying discrepancies in prices across multiple coins & exchanges. Users have the option to have these signals automated or not.

The bot scans the markets for instances where an asset is trading at different prices on different exchanges. When such an opportunity arises, the bot instantly alerts the user and provides a recommended buying or selling price, along with the corresponding exchange. By executing trades quickly and efficiently, the bot is able to capitalize on the price difference and generate profits for the user. With its advanced trading strategy and user-friendly interface, the arbitrage trading bot is an essential tool for traders looking to maximize their returns in the highly competitive world of crypto markets.









Pilot Bot
Up to $5,000 trading balance
Dedicated customer support
Private Telegram
Private Discord
Up to $50,000 trading balance
Ladder Bot
Top Trader Bot
Arbitrage Bot
Unlimited trading Balance
Personalised monthly report
Dedicated account manager
Cockpit access

Choose our Pilot or Captain plans to have access to all our bots. Please note you can use the bot(s) that you want to when you want to, and do not have to run them all at once.

Private Discord community
All members get Discord access, however, only Pilots & Captains get the ability to communicate in them.

Superlative Arbitrage Bot
“Arbitrage is trading that exploits the tiny differences in price between identical assets in two or more markets. We have designed a bot that allows the opportunity for risk-free trading profits each and every time! Plus we will provide a free demo on how to use it! P.s. it is pretty darn easy!”

Lounge Access
“Our captain’s lounge is a private group to share & receive value with fellow captains! Crypto Pilot also shares further insights here on our bot, crypto markets, financial markets, commodities, the currency markets, macroeconomic & geo-political factors + much more!

Cockpit Access
“Have a direct line of communication with the Crypto Pilot team

Option to pay in Crypto
“Option to pay in a cryptocurrency of your choice.