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Choose our Pilot or Captain plans to have access to all our bots. Please note you can use the bot(s) that you want to when you want to, and do not have to run them all at once.

Private Discord community
All members get Discord access, however, only Pilots & Captains get the ability to communicate in them.

Superlative Arbitrage Bot
“Arbitrage is trading that exploits the tiny differences in price between identical assets in two or more markets. We have designed a bot that allows the opportunity for risk-free trading profits each and every time! Plus we will provide a free demo on how to use it! P.s. it is pretty darn easy!”

Lounge Access
“Our captain’s lounge is a private group to share & receive value with fellow captains! Crypto Pilot also shares further insights here on our bot, crypto markets, financial markets, commodities, the currency markets, macroeconomic & geo-political factors + much more!

Cockpit Access
“Have a direct line of communication with the Crypto Pilot team

Option to pay in Crypto
“Option to pay in a cryptocurrency of your choice.