Crypto Pilot


IT WORKS WELL - BEST BOT BY FAR It may be early days but I have been very impressed with the Crypto Pilot Trading Bot so far. I am showing a small profit to date despite some early losses; remember, you'll make some losses along the way, this is crypto trading after all. You take the rough with the smooth, the ups and the downs along the way. If you're not OK with that then Crypto Trading probably isn't for you. It certainly takes the stress out of trading and makes the important decisions for you, such as what leverage to use, what levels to set a Stop Loss or Take Profit point. Full Risk Management is built in. It is fully automated and you remain in control of your money and account at all times. Fully transparent.

Jon White
Jon White

I love this bot very much. it really helps me to join the crypto community and earn money every month


I understand that the crypto pilot has the analogy to Pilot profession navigating the passengers (me) to the right destination. This is exactly 100% what crypto pilot is doing. For crypto swing traders like me, crypto pilot makes algorithm trades for me removing emotions, time and patience out of the equation. And does what an algorithm can do best - automatically trade.


Great service so far, found the team really helpful and the recent updates great. New product however the team are working really hard to continue to develop the bot. Fully updated on the team TG for every live trade and it’s great your in full control at all times. So basically if you don’t want to take the trade you can close it at any time. With all new products there is teething issues however the guys have been very quick in giving updates and fixes.

Jamie Dixon

Crypto Pilot is an excellent platform for passive investment. I just shared my API keys with them and I started earning money in a few minutes. Everything is so transparent. You can follow all trades on a Telegram channel. They have a very good strategy. They are very helpful. If you have a technical problem, Pilot's team finds a solution immediately.

Andrew Fade

Very happy for this first few days of BOT trading for me. Crypto is up and down but I’m in profit and I trust the BOT will have more success than me. As for support, the team gives updates regularly, will answer any questions I may have. In little time there were updates which have improved and given me confidence they are working hard at attaining better results. Happy and healthy trading ahead!!!


Choose our Pilot or Captain plans to have access to all our bots. Please note you can use the bot(s) that you want to when you want to, and do not have to run them all at once.

Private Discord community
All members get Discord access, however, only Pilots & Captains get the ability to communicate in them.

Superlative Arbitrage Bot
“Arbitrage is trading that exploits the tiny differences in price between identical assets in two or more markets. We have designed a bot that allows the opportunity for risk-free trading profits each and every time! Plus we will provide a free demo on how to use it! P.s. it is pretty darn easy!”

Lounge Access
“Our captain’s lounge is a private group to share & receive value with fellow captains! Crypto Pilot also shares further insights here on our bot, crypto markets, financial markets, commodities, the currency markets, macroeconomic & geo-political factors + much more!

Cockpit Access
“Have a direct line of communication with the Crypto Pilot team

Option to pay in Crypto
“Option to pay in a cryptocurrency of your choice.